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Serial Killer Profile: Andrei Chikatilo

Andrei Chikatilo


Andrei Chikatilo, was born on October 16, 1936 in Yablochnoye, Russia. Andrei Chikatilo, committed his first known murder on December 22, 1978 when he tried to rape a 9 year-old girl. She tried to get away and when she did so, Andrei Chikatilo stabbed her to death. In the process of stabbing the girl, Andrei Chikatilo he became sexually aroused and and ejaculated. From this point on Andrei Chikatilo was left with the problem that he was only able to become sexually aroused if was killing women and children at the same time. Andrei Chikatilo managed to escape suspicion for this crime and another man was convicted and executed for killing the little girl.

Andrei Chikatilo, didn't kill again until 1982 but once he started again he was killing in large numbers. In 1982 he killed a total of seven people. Most of Andrei Chikatilo's victims in 1982 were either runaways of vagrants that he tempted into wooded areas where he then killed them.

Andrei Chikatilo, continued his murder spree in 1983 with most of his victims being adult women he had raped and murder and children of both genders that met the same fate. At the time in which, Andrei Chikatilo was carrying out his murders, the Soviet Union wasn't one where news and information flowed freely. To the people of the country child rape and murder wasn't something that happened in their country and certainly now by people from their own community. The authorities couldn't hide the disappearance and deaths of the children and the public started to come up with their own theories of what was happening. The theories included the notion that a werewolf was responsible for the killings.

By 1983, Andrei Chikatilo had killed 14 people but only six bodies were found by the police. Still, six bodies was enough for Moscow to take notice and start a search for the killer. Many members of the homosexual community and previous sex offenders were interviewed but Andrei Chikatilo wasn't one of the men that attracted attention.

In 1984, Andrei Chikatilo had killed another 15 people and the police were forced to step up their investigations. Andrei Chikatilo was arrested for the first time in 1984 when he was spotted acting strangely around a bus station. There wasn't any known evidence to link him to the killing spree but he was arrested for other charges and spent three months in prison.

Andrei Chikatilo, killed more women and children in 1985, 1987 and 1988 before taking some time off until 1990 when he came back with force and killed seven boys and two women before the year was over.

On November 20, 1990, Andrei Chikatilo was once again spotted acting suspiciously and was arrested and questioned by the police. It was during this interrogation that in the period November 30 and December 5, 1990 that Andrei Chikatilo confessed to having killed 56 women and children.

Andrei Chikatilo began to stand trial on April 14, 1992 and was held in a cage in the middle of the courtroom while the trail took place. On October 15, 1992, Andrei Chikatilo was found guilty of 52 of the 53 murders he had been charged with and was given a death sentence for each of those 52 murders. On February 14, 1994, Andrei Chikatilo was executed by firing squad.