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Serial Killer Profile: Carl Panzram

carl panzram


Carl Panzram, was born in Minnesota in 1891 and was the son of Prussian immigrants. Carl Panzram was first arrested at the age of eight on a charge of being drunk and disorderly. With a life of crime that started at such a young age he had created a long list of charges against himself that mostly pertained to robbery and theft.

In 1920 when Carl Panzram was 29 he moved from a petty theft to a murderer. Carl Panzram lured sailors in New York away from bars, got them drunk, shot them and dumped their remains into the river.

When he got bored of that killing spree, Carl Panzram then went to Africa where he continued his life as a serial killer by raping and killing an 11 year-old boy. Carl Panzram later wrote: "His brains were coming out of his ears when I left him and he will never be any deader." A few days after he killed the boy he hired six men to take him crocodile hunting. He shot all of them and fed their bodies to the crocodiles.

When Carl Panzram returned to the United States he proceeded to shoot one man and rape and kill two small boys. In 1928, Carl Panzram was arrested for burglary and confessed to the murder of the two boys. He was sent away for 25 years for those murders and told the judge, "I'll kill the first man that bothers me". Carl Panzram stayed true to his word and a few months later he beat to death the foreman of the prison laundry with an iron bar. For this crime Carl Panzram was sentenced to death and actually appeared to be happy about it.

Whilst waiting for his execution Carl Panzram wrote his autobiography which included amazing statements of the crimes he had committed in his life. "In my lifetime I have murdered 21 human beings, I have committed thousands of burglaries, robberies, larcenies, arsons and last but not least I have committed sodomy on more than 1,000 male human beings. For all these things I am not in the least bit sorry", he wrote.

When he was brought to be hung on September 5, 1930 he ran up the steps of the hanging frame and when asked for his last words he yelled, "Hurry it up, you Hoosier bastard! I could kill 10 men while you're fooling around!"