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True Life Crime Profile: Clyde Smith

Clyde Smith


David Jacobs was a cab driver in downtown Houston, Texas. On February 6, 1992. David Jacobs picked up Clyde Smith at a hotel in Houston and was told to drive Clyde Smith to the parking lot of an apartment building. Once the taxi arrived at the parking lot Clyde Smith shot David Jacobs three times in the back of the neck with a .38-caliber pistol and then robbed him.

David Jacobs wasn't the only victim of Clyde Smith. On March 22, 1992 Clyde Smith got into the cab of Victor Bilton and used the same guy to rob and kill him.

Clyde Smith also made himself a victim when on April 5, 1992 he shot himself in the leg at his apartment. The police showed up to investigate the shooting and when they ran tests on the 38-caliber pistol that Clyde Smith used to shoot himself they found it was the same gun used in the murders of the two taxi drivers. When confronted with this evidence, Clyde Smith confessed to the murders and said that in total he had gain $230 and a watch from robbing his victims.

At his trial, Clyde Smith took back his confessions and said that he had given them under a moment of stress. Instead, he said that while he had taken part of the robberies but claimed that somebody else did the killings. However, two of Clyde Smith's girlfriends testified against him and one of them testified that she was in the cab with Clyde Smith when he pulled the trigger and killed one of the cab drivers.

In December of 1993, Clyde Smith was convicted of murder and sentence to death. On February 15, 2006 at 6:17 p.m., Clyde Smith was executed by lethal injection.