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True Life Crime Profile: Domingo Cantu

domingo cantu


Suda Eller Jones was a 94 year-old woman that lived in Dallas, Texas. On June 25, 1988, Suda was walking outside of her home when Domingo Cantu grabbed her and dragged her behind her house into her backyard. Once in the backyard, Domingo Cantu raped her and then hit her head against the ground until she was dead.

One of Suda's neighbors had heard a scream and saw a man dragging her behind the house. Alarmed, he called the police and they were on the scene within eight minutes. While the police were searching the area, they saw Domingo Cantu jump out of some bushes with blood on his face, legs, hands and shoes. He attempted to run but stopped when police ordered him to.

At his trial, Domingo Cantu, plead not guilty but forensic evidence showed that a public hair found out Suda Eller Jones had come from Domingo Cantu. In addition, another woman testified that just a few hours before Domingo Cantu had killed Suda Eller Jones he had attempted to attack her at a bus stop. She was able to identify Domingo Cantu by the distinctive tattoo he had on the back of his neck. At his trial, Domingo Cantu confessed to that attack.

In October of 1988, Domingo Cantu was found guilty of capital murder and was sentenced to death. While serving his time, Domingo Cantu professed his innocence. In 1999, Domingo Cantu was given permission to have DNA tests done on the blood that had been found on his clothing when he was caught. However, when the DNA results came back they showed that the blood matched the DNA of Suda Eller Jones.

On October, 28, 1999, Domingo Cantu was executed by lethal injection.