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Serial Killer Profile: Gary Ridgway

gary ridgway


Gary Ridgway, known as the "Green River Killer", is one of the most prolific serial killers in the history of the United States.

Over a two year period in the early 1980's nearly 50 people were killed in the the Seattle and Tacoma areas of Washington State. The case was given the name the 'Green River Killer' because the bodies of most of the victims were dumped in or around the Green River in Washington. The King County Sheriff Department formed the Green River Task Force in an attempt to solve the crimes. The task force even went so far as to interview Serial Killer Ted Bundy in order gain insight of what the killer might be planning next.

In 1982 and again in 2001, Gary Ridgway, who in his 'normal life' went door to door for his Pentecostal church, was arrested on charges relating to prostitution. This brought him to the attention of the police and in 1983 he became a possible suspect for the Green River killings. In 1987 police took hair and saliva samples from Gary Ridgway that would later serve as DNA evidence. Twenty years later he was arrested on November 30, 2001, after DNA evidence linked him to four deaths. The first four of Gary Ridgway's victims to be identified were Marcia Chapman, Opal Mills, Cynthia Hinds and Carol Ann Christensen.

Gary Ridgway claimed an addiction to prostitutes and most of his victims were either prostitutes and female teenage runaways. Gary Ridgway also used the bodies of his victims for the purpose of necrophilia. He would return to places he had dumped their bodies and have sexual intercourse with their corpses. It is suggested on one instance he left his son in vehicle while he went into the woods and undertook sexual activities with the dead body of one of his victims.

On November 5, 2003,Gary Ridgway made a plea bargain that saw him confessing to 48 counts of aggravated first degree murder in exchange for being spared the death penalty. On December 18, 2003, King County Superior Court Judge Richard Jones sentenced Ridgway to 48 life sentences with no possibility of parole and one life sentence, to be served consecutively.

Since the trial Gary Ridgway led authorities to the body of another victim, a 16 year-old female, taking the total number of murders Gary Ridgway has confessed to 49.