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True Life Crime Profile: Hilton Crawford

hilton crawford


On September 12, 1995 , Carl and Paulette Everett left their 12 year-old son, McKay alone at their Conroe, Texas home while they attended an Amway meeting. They had been invited to attend the meeting by their friend Hilton Crawford. Hilton Crawford didn't show up the meeting but the Everett's stayed for the meeting.

Knowing that the Everetts would be out, Hilton Crawford went over to their home. McKay knew Hilton Crawford well and saw no problem in opening the door for the man he called "Uncle Hilty". When McKay opened the door, Hilton Crawford hit him on the head with a blunt object, put him in the trunk of his car and drove to Louisiana.

After the Amway meeting, the Everetts went out to have a meal with some of their friends. While at the restaurant they made a few calls home to check on McKay. After the calls went unanswered, Carl Everett got in his car drove to the house. When he arrived he found the door to the house open and his son missing. At almost the same moment he entered the house the phone rang. The woman on the other side of the phone told him that they had his son and demanded $500,000 for his return. She told him she would call again the next day and give details of where to leave the ransom. After hanging up, Carl Everett called 911, his wife and then tried to call Hilton Crawford who he knew had law enforcement experience.

During the initial police investigation into McKay's disappearance, a neighbor of the Everett's recalled seeing a car pull into their driveway on the night of the abduction and then quickly drive away. The description he gave fit Hilton Crawford's car. When police searched the car it had been cleaned out and the liner of the trunk had been replaced. However, the managed to find a small amount of blood in the trunk. It was discovered that the blood matched Mckay's.

On September 15, 1995, Hilton Crawford was arrested and admitted to kidnapping Mckay but refused to say if Mckay was dead or alive. However, the next day, Hilton Crawford drew police a map of where they could find McKay's body. McKay had been taken to a swamp area in Louisiana and shot twice in the head.

Hilton Crawford admitted to hitting Mckay on the head but insisted that another man named R. L. Remington was the person that shot McKay. The police took a description of R. L. Remington from Hilton Mckay and began to search for him. He was never found and police believe he never existed.

At a trial that had to be moved to a different county because of the publicity given to the case in Crawford's home county, the jury was told that Crawford had carried out the kidnapping plan in order to raise enough money to pay of gambling debts and live a lavish lifestyle.

On July 19, 1996, Hilton Crawford was convicted of capital murder and on July 24, 1996 he was sentenced to death.

The woman who made the random phone call to the Everett's home was Irene Flores. Irene Flores had worked for Hilton Crawford in the past and he promised her $25,000 in exchange for making the ransom call. She claimed that she never thought McKay would be hurt and plead no contest to aggravated kidnapping. She was given 25 years in jail is will be up for parole in 2008.

On July 2, 2003, Hilton Crawford was executed by lethal injection.