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Serial Killer Profile: John Wayne Gacy

john wayne gacy


John Wayne Gacy was born on March 17, 1942 in Chicago. John Wayne Gacy's first run in with the law came in 1968 when his first marriage collapsed after he he convicted of child molestation. He was sent to jail and served 18 months.

After his release, John Wayne Gacy managed to keep is conviction hidden and over the years became a respected member of his community. So much so that he was able to meet and be photographed with future First Lady Rosalynn Carter when her husband was campaigning to become President of the United States. John Wayne Gacy was running his own construction business and had his own clown act.

He had been under the radar of the police until December 12, 1978 when a teenage boy went missing had been reported to have been last seen with John Wayne Gacy. When the police searcher John Wayne Gacy's house they found a number of items that connected him to that and other disappearances. On On December 22, 1978, John Wayne Gacy confessed his crimes to his lawyers. John Wayne Gacy said that his first killing was in January 1972 and that in all he had committed 33 murders. Now known to be a serial killer, John Wayne Gacy showed the police where to find 29 of the bodies. They didn't have to travel very far because John Wayne Gacy had buried 29 of his murder victims in the crawl space under his house. The rest of the victims he had thrown in the river because he had run out of room under his house.

The majority of John Wayne Gacy's victims were young boys and men who had either been teenage runaways or were working as male prostitutes. John Wayne Gacy's oldest victim was 20 years-old and the youngest was just nine years-old. Some of the bodies were so badly decomposed that they have never been identified. The last of John Wayne Gacy's victims to be be discovered was on April 1979 when a body washed up downstream in the Illinois River.

John Wayne Gacy's trial began on February 6, 1980. His plea of not guilty by reason of insanity was rejected and on March 13, 1980, John Wayne Gacy was found guilty and sentenced to death. On May 10, 1994, John Wayne Gacy was executed by lethal injection at the State Penitentiary in Joliet, Illinois. His last words were reported to be "You can kiss my ass", which he said to a guard that was taking him to the execution chamber.