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True Life Crime Profile: Kemi Adeyoola

Kemi Adeyoola


Kemi Adeyoola had it better than a lot of other children of Nigerian immigrants that are living in London. Her father is a millionaire and she attended exclusive schools. Yet, Kemi Adeyoola, couldn't help but get herself in trouble. At 17 years-old, Kemi Adeyoola, was serving a six months sentence at a juvenile facility for shoplifting.

While severing her sentience, Kemi Adeyoola, kept a journal in which she described her plan to live a happy life. First on her list was to lose 4 stone (56 pounds) and second on her list was to earn £3 million by robbing and killing older women. In the 18 page work that Kemi Adeyoola called, "Prison and After. Making Life Count from 20 August to 20 November 2004", she wrote in great detail how she would go about finding her victims and how she would carry out the killings. "She must be wealthy, quite elderly and defenseless," Adeyoola wrote. The document was found during a routine cell search and Kemi Adeyoola said that it was a draft for a crime novel she planned to write.

Kemi Adeyoola was released after serving three months of her sentence. Four months after that, Kemi Adeyoola stalked and killed her 84 year-old neighbor. Anne Mendel was left alone in her home for one hour while her husband was collecting flight tickets for a trip they planned to take to Israel. In that time, Kemi Adeyoola entered the home and stabbed Anne Mendel 14 times. A link was made to Kemi Adeyoola through a tiny speck of DNA that was found on the hand of her victim.

At Kemi Adeyoola's trial, the prosecution put forth that Anne Mendel had been chosen by Kemi Adeyoola as a soft target so that she could do a 'dry run' of the plans she had laid out in her 18 page murder manual.

The judge at Kemi Adeyoola's trial sentenced her to life with the order that at least 20 years must be served. At the trial he said, "I regret to say I have formed the view that you are a remorseless and cold-blooded killer who is a serious and continuing danger to the public. I believe that your motive was to draw attention to yourself by the act of murder. I think you wanted to experience what it felt like to kill someone in cold blood, possibly so that you could write about it, but more probably so that you could boast about it and possibly even do it again".