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Serial Killer Profile: Robert Hansen

robert hansen


Robert Hansen was born on February 15, 1939 in Estherville, Iowa but his life as a serial killer is associated with his time spent living in Alaska. Robert Hansen had trouble with the law several times in his life before he committed the crimes that would make him an infamous serial killer.

In 1980 Robert Hansen started a killing spree that was targeted at prostitutes. Robert Hansen would pay the prostitutes for sex and then once they were alone he would kidnap and rape them. He wasn't done with them yet though. Robert Hansen would then put his victims, still alive, in his private plane and fly them to his cabin in the Knik River Valley of Alaska. Once they arrived at his cabin he would release them as if they were game and stalk and kill them with a hunting knife and a .223-caliber Mini-14 rifle.

Robert Hansen's crimes first came to light when on June 13, 1983 one of his victims escaped and told the police of what had happened to her. However, she wasn't really taken that seriously and when questioned Robert Hansen famously said "you can't rape a prostitute". However, after a body was discovered the FBI were called in to investigate and eventually the eye of the law focused once again on Robert Hansen.

On October 27, 1983, police searched Robert Hansen's home they found a collections of guns, newspaper clippings about the murders and jewelry the belonged to his victims. Robert Hanson was arrested and charged with assault, kidnapping, weapons offenses, theft and insurance fraud.

At his trial Robert Hansen agreed to a plea bargain where he would plead guilty to the four homicides known to the police and provide details about his other victims in return for serving his sentence in a federal prison. Robert Hansen then showed officials where to find a total of 15 grave sites. The police were unaware of 12 of the murders Robert Hansen had committed. Robert Hansen was sentenced to 461 years in prison plus life.