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True Life Crime Profile: Robert Neville

robert neville


Amy Robinson was a petite 19 year-old. She had Turner's syndrome which stunted her growth and diminished her mental capacity. Amy worked at grocery store in Texas that happened to be the same grocery store that Robert Neville also worked at.

Robert Neville and his friend Michael Hall, started their day on February 15, 1998 looking for the worst kind of trouble. Robert Neville and Michael Hall claim to have been white supremacists that decided to attempt to become known as serial killers that targeted minorities. They went to the grocery store with the intention of killing an mentally challenged black man that worked at the store. However, when they got to the store Robert Neville and Michael Hall found that the man wasn't scheduled to work that day. So, they went through the work roster for that day and saw that Amy Robinson was due to come in that day. She was part Native American and therefore fit into their sinister plan.

Robert Neville knew that Amy rode her bike to work and, along with Hall, got in his car and went to find her. When Robert Neville and Michael Hall came across Amy on her bike they offered to give her a ride to work. Amy got into the car and instead of being taken to the store she was taken to a rural field in Fort Worth, Texas.

Once at the field, Robert Neville and Michael Hall shot Amy over and over again with a pellet gun. They would later say that they laughed as she begged for her life. When Robert Neville and Michael Hall were done torturing their victim they they shot Amy in the head with a .22-caliber rifle.

An employee of the grocery store contacted Amy's parents two hours after she was suppose to have started work and told them she hadn't arrived. Her parents contacted the police and a search began. Robert Neville was interviewed by police but told them that he hadn't seen Amy for months. However, as the investigation went on, Michael Hall's stepbrother told the police that Michael had told him about abducting and killing Amy.

On March 3, 1998, Robert Neville and Michael Hall were arrested as they tried to cross the border to Mexico. After arrest, Robert Neville admitted to killing Amy and told the police where they would be able to locate her body.

In December of 1998 both Robert Neville and Michael Hall were found guilty and sentenced to death. On February 8, 2006 at 6:19 p.m., Robert Neville was executed by lethal injection. Michael Hall is still sitting on death row.