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True Life Crime Profile: Sedley Alley

Sedley Alley


Lance Corporal Suzanne Collins, was a 19 year-old woman that was attending aviation school at Millington Naval Air Station, near Memphis, Tennessee. On the night of July 11, 1985, Collins was going for a late night jog around Millington Naval Base.

Two marines that were also out jogging heard a woman scream and ran to investigate. When they got to the area where Collins had been jogging all the saw was a car belong to Sedley Alley speeding away from the scene. They reported the incident and later that night Sedley Alley's car was stopped by officers. Sedley Alley,a civilian living on the base with his military wife, was questioned along with his wife but the police were satisfied with their statements and they were released.

A few hours later Suzanne Collins's body was found and Sedley Alley was arrested. Sedley Alley admitted killing the girl but said that he had accidentally hit her with his car while making a trip to the store to buy alcohol. However, that account didn't match the horrific condition in which Collins's body was found. She had been strangled and her skull smashed with a screwdriver. If that wasn't enough, Sedley Alley then raped her with a tree limb. The last thing he did was shove the tree limb inside of her with such force that it move up inside her body and punctured a lung. Sedley Alley later took police on a tour of the route he took that night and even showed police the tree that he took the branch from.

On March 18, 1987, Sedley Alley was convicted of murder in the first degree and was sentenced to death. While waiting on death row, Sedley Alley attempted to challenge the constitutionality of lethal injection on the basis that it would cause him pain and suffering. He was also denied appeals to have DNA tests run on evidence found at the scene.

On June 28, 2006 at 2:12 a.m., Sedley Alley was executed by lethal injection.